The NEW line is a modern approach to classic forms. Nature solid wood, colourful varnish on solid wood, best fabrics, ribbons, impressive forms. Best match for modern, minimalistic or eclectic spaces.


CLASSICA are our classic design lamps. These beautiful lamps, made of high qualty solid wood, with shades of excellent fabrics, with different colours, patterns and structures, have been enjoying great interest among our customers. We invite you to get to know our CLASSICA line.


Stainless steel, glass, simple shade forms; white, grey and black - that is the ILLUSIGN line.
These impressive lamps will perfectly match simple, modern spaces. There are also very big forms among them: as an example, the WIST lamps (with diameters up to 1500 mm).

We are particularly proud of the lamp families ICON, SIGNUM, MERITUM i ENLIGHT. Why is that? See yourself in the PRODUCTS bookmark.